Help, my networks talk to prisoner. This was a funny one – client saw lots of
DNS queries passing the Fortigate addressed at the and was
worried what this was about. No worry – it just means (misconfigured) clients in
the LAN are trying to get PTR records for the private RFC 1918 IPs
(, etc) on the Internet. Those servers by IANA are
registered to be authoritative for those reverse zones to
deflect all such junk coming to them from around the Globe.

More details can be read in RFC 6305
titled ” I’m Being Attacked by PRISONER.IANA.ORG!” . Another case of
“It is easy to be hard, it is harder to be smart” – IANA could try explain to
network admins till forever to stop such traffic going to the Internet/block
such traffic, or …​ they could just route this junk to the junk DNS servers and
be done with it.
Stay safe.

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