Blogs and other resources to read on Fortinet products – Fortigate, Fortianalyzers, Fortimanager and such

Here are some Fortinet-related technical blogs I read. If you have additional blogs/sites to recommend – send me to add. Matt Sherif’s blog. Matt is a System Engineer at Fortinet and writes on Fortinet topics of intermediate-advanced level. He is also one of the moderators of the r/fortinet sub-Reddit. Andrew Travis’ blog. Andrew is a System Engineer at Fortinet US. It has topics on FortiExtender, SD-Wan, IOT, and other emerging technologies. blog by Manny Fernandez – Sytem Engineer at Fortinet from US. The blog covers technical topics ranging from beginner up to advanced level. Ken Felix blog on many topics, including Fortinet-related. Ken is also a long-time contributor on the forums. Jonathan Torian’s blog with an impressive number of Fortinet-related articles, level intermediate-advanced Interesting blog with articles not only on Fortigate, but Fortiweb/FortiAuthenticator/etc. Ryan Dorman’s blog, with few posts Fortigate-related. Few posts on Fortiauthenticator and FortiNAC

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