Enterprise IoT Gateways With PoE Ports

Our 4G router is an ideal wireless data transmission device for applications that transmit large data load because of ultimately fast transfer speed in 4G network reaching up to 150M download and up to 50M upload. VPN features also can be configured in the router, allowing you to utilize virtual private network service through a 4G/3G wireless router and built for stresses and workload of a modern industrial or commercial environment.

With dual SIM  router could backup network between the two SIM cards to ensure continuous connection. The router also option with GPS capability, enable it ideal for fleet tracking or access management.

The standard PoE 802.3.af technology can be customized to add on R520. With PoE technology, router can delivers electrical power to PoE-enabled devices using a CATx network cable. 

Remote site office and monitoring becoming important for any organization to have visibility of the remote infrastructure

Router is an M2M/IoT mobile broadband router which can optional work on the 4G or 3G cellular network to provide reliable, high speed and secure and wireless connectivity with VPN supported. It is powerful and programmable industrial mobile router with high performance and harden casing design for remote management, telemetry, condition monitoring, CCTV, ATMs, vending machine and other M2M applications.

Basic Features

Industrial robust design and compact metal housing

High data speed via FDD-LTE 4G network, 3G, 2.5G backward compatible

Strong electromagnetic interference Resistance, heat endurance and radiation ability

Ultra security, VPN: PPTP, L2TP, GRE, IPSec, and OpenVPN

ModBus TCP

Built-in watch dog, Multi-link detection

802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi support, 150Mbps data rate

MIMO Antenna for 4G

5xLAN or 4xLAN, 1xWAN

WAN port support PPPoE, static IP, DHCP client.

Always online, reboot automatically if disconnected to ensure continual connection

Support APN and VPDN wireless private network access in

LCP/ICMP/flow/heartbeat check, ensure network usability

Web/CLI/SSH/Management platform support, easy configure

SNMP network management, NTP support

Local & remote management (configuration, status, upgrade firmware)

Supports DHCP Server

Supports DNS proxy and Dynamic DNS (DDNS)

Supports timing operation

Supports LED status indication

Shock and vibration resistant

Advanced Features

GPS capability optional for fleet management or other tracking application

Serial to IP communication function optional

Dual SIM optional available for failover and backup between two network

Dual SIM Dual Modem option available for fast switch between two network.

Captive Portal for WiFi hotspot optional


PPTP Sever optional

Schedule reboot

Customized acceptable

PoE 802.3af/at (Four ports power supply output, Total 60W)

Typical Application


Digital Oil Field, Smart Mining, Solar, Smart Grid, Transformer Monitoring,  Connectivity for EV Charge Station, Wind Power


ATM, POS(Point-of-Sale), Self-service Kiosk, Vending Machine, Lottery Machine, Branch network, Digital Signage, Video Surveillance, failover between WAN&4G/3G


Remote Telemetry, Tanking Monitoring, Automation, Remote PLC, Remote AMR, Smart Irrigation, Urban Heat supply system, Geological Disaster Monitoring System, Smart Ware house, Smart Factory 

 Smart City

Traffic, Street lighting, Public Safety &Security, 5G/4G Public hotspot, Environment monitoring, Video Surveillance, Smart Package Locker, Utilities, Wastewater Treatment, Smart Trash Can, Remote control of Golf Irrigation System, Smart Building


Mobile Medical Equipment Remote Monitoring, Telemedicine


Bus WiFi, WiFi on Board, Vehicle video surveillance, Fleet tracking and management, Bus Advertising, Cold Chain Logistic, Highway Monitoring

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