Top 10 Best SOC Tools In 2024

An organization’s SOC (Security Operations Center) monitors and analyzes network, system, and data security. The SOC tools detect, investigate, and respond to cybersecurity risks and incidents.

Security analysts, incident responders, and engineers monitor the organization’s networks and systems for security breaches using IDPS, SIEM, and threat intelligence platforms.

The SOC team coordinates incident response and recovery with internal teams, such as the IT department and business units, and external partners, such as law enforcement agencies and other organizations.

In-house or outsourced SOCs might be dedicated teams or shared services from managed security service providers.

MSOCs (Managed Security Operations Centers) are the most advanced SOCs, with processes and technology to detect and respond to threats proactively and continuously.

Tools Used In SOC

Security Operations Centers (SOCs) use various tools to monitor and protect an organization’s networks and systems from cyber threats. Some of the most common tools used in SOCs include:

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) — monitor network traffic for signs of malicious activity and can automate actions to block or quarantine suspected threats.
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Systems — SIEMs collect and analyze log data from various sources, such as network devices, servers, and applications, to identify potential security threats and suspicious activity.
  • Threat Intelligence Platforms — These platforms gather and analyze intelligence from various sources, such as threat feeds and open-source information, to identify known and emerging threats.
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools — These tools monitor endpoint activities, such as process execution and file access, in order to detect and respond to advanced threats.
  • Vulnerability Management Platforms — These platforms scan systems and applications for known vulnerabilities and help organizations prioritize and remediate them.
  • Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) Tools — These tools provide real-time visibility into network traffic, such as session details, protocols, and network behaviors, to detect and respond to threats.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools — These tools are used to secure and manage user access to network resources, applications, and data and to monitor and report on user activities.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools —These tools are increasingly used to automate threat detection, analysis, and response.

The Key Tool For SOC

The key tool for a Security Operations Center (SOC) is Security Information Event Management (SIEM) system.

A SIEM system is a software platform that collects and analyzes security-related data from various sources, such as network devices, servers, and applications, in real-time. The system is designed to help organizations detect, respond to, and prevent security incidents and threats.

A SIEM system integrates with various security tools and technologies, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and anti-virus software, to provide a centralized view of the organization’s security posture.

This allows security analysts in the SOC team to quickly identify and respond to potential security incidents and threats and to track and investigate security events over time.

Overall, a SIEM system is a critical tool for a SOC, as it provides a centralized view of security data and events, enables real-time monitoring and threat detection, and supports the efficient investigation and resolution of security incidents. 

Top 10 SOC Tools in 2024

SOC stands for Security Operation Center. SOC tools refer to the technology and software used by a security operations center to monitor and manage an organization’s security posture.

These SOC tools include security information and event management (SIEM) systems, intrusion detection and prevention system, firewalls, security information management systems, and others.

SOC tools detect and respond to security incidents, manage security alerts and events, and help with compliance reporting. 

  • TrendMicro XDR: Comprehensive extended detection and response with advanced threat correlation.
  • SolarWinds Security Event Manager: Real-time event log monitoring and automated threat response.
  • Splunk: Powerful data analytics platform for security information and event management.
  • Trellix Platform: Integrated security operations with advanced threat detection and response.
  • Exabeam: User and entity behavior analytics for efficient threat detection.
  • Rapid7 Insight Platform: Unified cloud-based security management and vulnerability assessment.
  • CrowdStrike Falcon: Endpoint protection with real-time threat intelligence and response.
  • Log360: Comprehensive log management and network security monitoring.
  • McAfee ESM (Enterprise Security Manager): Centralized security information management with advanced analytics.
  • ArcSight: Scalable SIEM solution with real-time threat detection and compliance reporting.

10 Best SOC Tools List And Their Features

SOC ToolsFeaturesStand alone featurePricingFree Trial / Demo
1. TrendMicro XDR1. Endpoint Detection and Response
2. Workload Protection in the Cloud
3. Reports and data analysis
4. Incident Investigation
5. Automated Response Actions
Cross-layered detection and response.Custom pricing, contact sales.Yes
2. SolarWinds Security Event Manager1. Real-time event monitoring
2. Data Examination
3. Compliance monitoring and reporting
4. Incident management and response
5. Advanced correlation and alerting
Real-time event correlation and monitoring.Starts at $4,585.Yes
3. Splunk1. Get and organize information
2. Anomaly detection
3. Analyze and Visualize
4. Search and query capabilities
5. Correlation and alerting
Powerful data analysis and visualization.Starts at $2,000 annually.Yes
4. Trellix Platform1. Putting out
2. Getting specific
3. Page menu
4. Web site statistics
5. SEO Software
6. Taking care of files
Integrated threat detection and response.Custom pricing, contact sales.Yes
5. Exabeam1. Threat Intelligence Integration
2. Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning
3. Case Management
4. Automated Playbooks
5. Forensic Analysis
6. Compliance Reporting
Advanced user behavior analytics.Custom pricing, contact sales.Yes
6. Rapid7 Insight Platform1. Secure Apps
2. Log Management and Analysis
3. Asset Discovery and Inventory
4. Automation and Orchestration
5. Detect Attackers
Comprehensive vulnerability management and detection.Starts at $2,000 annually.Yes
7. CrowdStrike Falcon1. Real-time Monitoring and Alerting
2. Incident Investigation and Response
3. Vulnerability Management
4. Malware Analysis and Sandbox
5. Threat Hunting
Endpoint detection and response.Starts at $8.99 per endpoint.Yes
8. Log3601. Incident Detection and Response
2. User Behavior Analytics
3. Reporting and Keeping a Record
4. File Integrity Monitoring
5. Log Correlation and Alerting
Unified log management and analysis.Custom pricing, contact sales.Yes
9. McAfee ESM (Enterprise Security Manager)1. Management of Logs
2. User Behavior Analytics
3. Analytics of User and Entity Behavior
4. Reporting on compliance
5. Hunting for danger
Scalable security information management.Custom pricing, contact sales.Yes
10. ArcSight1.Management of compliance
2. Dashboards that can be changed
3. Finding and dealing with incidents
4. Integration with Security Technologies
5. Dashboarding and Visualizations
Advanced threat detection and compliance.Custom pricing, contact sales.Yes

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