History of AI

It was 1880’s when a great scientist came up with this term and since then a lot of revolutions came in the field which helped the business and the economy to boom. Wait! If you believe in the above lines, you are lost. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and so is AI.

Let’s start by discussing the history of Artificial Intelligence.

1950 - The Time when it all started.

This concept has been around for decades but, until 1950, people were unaware of the term. John McCarthy who is known as the founder of Artificial Intelligence introduced the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in the year 1955.

McCarthy along with Alan Turing, Allen Newell, Herbert A. Simon, and Marvin Minsky is known as the founding fathers of AI. Alan suggested that if humans use available information, as well as reason, to solve problems to make decisions – then why can’t it be done with the help of machines?

1974 - Computers became faster and affordable

Gradually with time, the wave of computers started. With time, they became faster, more affordable and able to store more information. The best part was that they could think abstractly, able to self-recognize and achieved Natural Language Processing.

1980 - The Year of AI

In 1980, AI research fired back up with an expansion of funds and algorithmic tools. With deep learning techniques, the computer learned with the user experience.

2000 - Landmark of AI establishment achieved.

After all the failed attempts, the technology was successfully established but, until it was in the 2000s that the landmark goals were achieved. At that time, AI thrived despite a lack of government funds and public attention.

Present Condition of AI

We all might be aware of the present situation, and what value does AI holds in our lives. AI collects and organizes large amounts of information to make insights and guesses that are beyond the human capabilities of manual processing. Amazing! Isn’t it?

With its increasing organizational efficiencies, the likelihood of a mistake and detected irregular patterns is reduced. So, if we talk about spam or fraud, or the warning it provides to business in real-time about suspicious activity, a lot has been safeguarded already.

Future of AI

We all know what the future is, but there is a bit of uncertainty of how it will be presented and what changes will it do to the generations. Will it have a positive impact or will there be some negative repercussions?

Until now, there have also been some Artificial Intelligence systems that were specialists, e.g. AlphaGo (Zero), that mastered Go and were able to outperform human Grandmaster player. Superintelligence takes Artificial Intelligence to the next stage.

Superintelligence refers to smarter than a human platform that can outperform a human in any intellectual task.

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