Threat Predictions for 2024: Chained AI and CaaS (Cybercrime - as - a - Service) Operations Give Attackers More “Easy” Buttons Than Ever:

With the growth of Cybercrime-as-a-Service (CaaS) operations and the advent of generative AI, threat actors have more “easy” buttons at their fingertips to assist with carrying out attacks than ever before. By relying on the growing capabilities in their respective toolboxes, adversaries will increase the sophistication of their activities. They’ll launch more targeted and stealthier hacks designed to evade robust security controls, as well as become more agile by making each tactic in the attack cycle more efficient.

In our 2024 threat predictions report, our FortiGuard Labs team looks at a new era of advanced cybercrime, examines how AI is changing the (attack) game, shares fresh threat trends to watch for this year and beyond, and offers advice on how organizations everywhere can enhance their collective resilience against an evolving threat landscape.

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