Forti Guard Intrusion Prevention service

The Ultimate Guide to Forti Guard Intrusion Prevention Service: Protecting Your Network Like Never Before

FortiGuard Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) is a component of the FortiGuard Security Services offered by Fortinet, a cybersecurity company. It is designed to provide real-time protection against network-based threats and attacks.

The Forti Guard IPS works by monitoring network traffic and analyzing it for signs of malicious activity or known attack patterns. It uses a combination of signature-based detection and behavior-based analysis to identify and block threats. When a potential threat is detected, the IPS can take immediate action to block the traffic or alert the network administrator for further investigation.

Here are key Features and Benefits of Forti Guard Intrusion prevention service

  1. Threat prevention: Forti Guard IPS helps prevent known and unknown threats from infiltrating your network. It actively monitors network traffic and applies security policies to block malicious activity.
  2. Signature-based detection: It uses an extensive database of signatures to identify known threats and attack patterns. These signatures are regularly updated to stay current with the latest threats.
  3. Behavior-based analysis: Forti Guard IPS also employs behavioral analysis techniques to detect and block zero-day attacks and other unknown threats. It looks for suspicious behavior patterns and anomalies in network traffic.
  4. Customizable policies: Network administrators can configure policies based on their organization’s security requirements. They can define specific rules to allow or block traffic based on various criteria such as IP addresses, ports, protocols, or application types.
  5. Automatic updates: Forti Guard IPS receives regular updates from Fortinet’s global threat intelligence network. This ensures that the system remains up to date with the latest threat intelligence and can effectively protect against emerging threats.
  6. Reporting and analytics: The IPS provides comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing network administrators to monitor and analyze security events, track threat trends, and identify potential vulnerabilities in the network.

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